Pilot Films


Title: Water Fountain – Director/Producer: Centre Yennenga – Country: Senegal – Length: 4:57 minutes


Title: Annual Floods in Keur Massar – Director/Producer: Centre Yennenga

Description: In Keur Massar, Senegal, following annual flooding, residents and community organizers show the effects on their lives and homes of poor infrastructure and increasing pressure of climate change. The short film shows how the residents live with the flooding and explore the causes and solutions to Keur Masar’s flooding.


Title: Decentralization of Water Management in Banjul – Director/Producer: Sheikh Tijan Jallow (Mystic Productions)

Description: In Banjul, a group of activists and members of the youth council speak on the need for decentralisation of water management in the city and the country at large. Mayor Roheyatou Lowe focuses on the importance of women as primary water users and invites partners interested in working on water in Banjul.


Title: Water Conservation in Chefchaouen – Director/Producer: Rachid Kasmi

Description: In Chefchaouen, a group of students learn about water resource management while walking in their city. Through an interview, Mayor Sefiani leads us through Chefchaouen’s conservation efforts for a drought-prone region and explains what could be done to improve water access in the city.


Title: A Portrait of Nairobi Dam – Director/Producer: Kinyua Kamau

Description: Nairobi Dam, an embankment dam on the Nairobi river, was built in the 1950s. Over the past 20 years, building along the dam has led to pollution as communities in Kibera grew; and now it is a memory of what had been a water resource. The film follows Henry Nyando and other residents, their memories of the dam, and how the water supply in Kibera has changed.