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Mayors Make Movies is an initiative leveraging film as a powerful educational tool in water science and water policy communication. Sparking dialogue between the scientific and policy community, youth, artists and the public through film co-production, screenings and competitions.



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2024 Latin American Prize for Short Films About Water and Science

The prize awards short films about water and science in Latin America and the Caribbean. We are looking for 3-minute (max) short films that raise awareness and inspire action on water issues, and promote a wider understanding of water as a resource. From rivers to basins, mountains to aquifers, water is interconnected, just like us. But how well do we care for this vital resource? It’s a question that demands an understanding of Latin America’s shared water connections. Make a short film that inspires, informs, and promotes action around water issues and solutions in your community. Grab a camera or your phone, share your water story. Dive into this opportunity with us! Learn more.

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A key motive of Mayors Make Movies is to promote wider engagement and participation in water policy and water science communication through short film production. Through its flagship production program, MMM builds partnerships between mayors, youth, and filmmakers. Through this formula, Mayors Make Movies has produced short films in Senegal, the Gambia, Morocco, Kenya, and France featuring mayors, filmmakers and their cities.

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Annual Floods in Keur Massar, Senegal


Mayors Make Movies hosts screenings using films produced by the initiative and other selected films to improve communication and understanding of water issues and water governance. Taking its cue from the Let’s Talk About Water event formula, MMM hosts film events with panels of filmmakers and water experts, building a bridge with audiences to discuss issues of local and global relevance, using the films as a common ground for communication.

Mayors Make Movies has showcased its films and programs with African Film Festival, Inc, and World Water Film Festival in New York; the 9th World Water Forum in Dakar; and partnered with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris and UCLG-Africa in Morocco, TU Delft in The Netherlands.
Cinéma Mac-Mahon, by Alexandre Wimmer


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